Vizeo garage

First step : Vizeo subscription

Contact us at for more details. You have to be in one of the automotive groups Centre du Pneu Signature or Tirecraft.

Use requirements

Install Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most efficient browser with It is very easy to install by clicking on the following link and installing the free browser on your computer.

Install Mozilla Firefox! Firefox vizeo

Install HDMI cable

It is necessary to connect your main computer to your TV with an HDMI cable. Talium can provide you with an HDMI cable or other electronics store too.

To understand how to connect an HDMI cable, refer to this video : HOW TO CONNECT A HDMI CABLE

HDMI vizeo

Internet connection

Make sure your Internet connection is reliable and consistent. Refer to a computer technician for all problems.

Installation and operation of the system

Internet link of your presentation provide you a specific URL to view your presentation on a web browser.

Configure your computer to project the vizeo on your screen

You must configure your computer to present your vizeo on the TV screen. To understand how to manage a screen with your computer, refer to this information :

Windows 8 :

Earlier Windows :

Move the Mozilla Firefox browser window in the TV screen

Slide the browser window in the television

For more informations :

Loading standby time

A load times up to a few minutes might be necessary when starting the system.